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Mithras festival, Fertőrákos

Mithras exhibition

I was invited to take part in Festival Mithras, which was organised for the first time on the 21st of June, 2007 but is planned to become a tradition. The location was the commanding Roman quarry. The Mithras shrine revealed in Fertőrákos is a World Heritage site. I was glad to contribute to the renewal of the ancient and mysterious Mithras cult with my paintings.

Cafe Frei

cafefreiFrom the 5th of June until the 5th of July my pictures can be seen at the gallery of Cafe Frei, the cafe of Tamas Frei, a prominent person of the Hungarian media.

(Address: 3100 Salgotarjan, Fo ter 5.)

"COLOURS OF CSALLOKOZ" Workshop of Fine Arts

Nagymegyer, a city of Csallóköz in Slovakia hosted 30 artists from the neighbouring EU countries between the 17 and 30 of July. This Workshop of Fine Arts was sponsored by the local goverment and the local Kolping non-profit organization utilizing a successful EU tender and was also a charity: the income from the works sold during the Workshop will help the local orphanage, the paintings and graphics given as a gift by their authors will be the first artifacts of the city gallery.

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