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Pages of Márta Baranyai

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The pictures of my series "Sentinels of Ancient Cultures" I present the audience the artand relics of archaic cultures from different places around the world.

However I feel obliged and also very keen to also present our rich national heritage to let more and more people learn about it and nurture it.


I have always had an interest in the art of prehistoric ages and the heritage of cultures born at the dawn of human civilization. These pictures were inspired by the artifacts of these eras, presenting relics of archaic cultures from different places around the world.


One of the main themes of my works is the horse, beeing - together with the human body - the eternal subject of fine arts for ages.


The idea of the series was born during my phone calls, when I frequently grabbed a pen and started to draw unintentionally...

In all my life I felt deep respect and love about trees. For me they are the symbols of time, knowledge and beauty.Read more...

The colours of the paintings on cork is not vivid, dynamic. Their moderate tone harmonise with the natural colour of cork and the pure canvas frame. That is why the warm colours of the earth are mosty used.

I paint not only large pictures, but smaller ones as well. These have friendlier price tags, and are more appropriate as a gift.

Az állatok ábrázolása kedves és hálás téma. Lovakon kívül egyéb állatportrék elkészítésére is kapok időnként felkéréseket, de saját örömömre ugyancsak festek állatokat, ill. olyan képeket, melyeken mellékszereplőként jelennek meg.

Nature and the environment created by men are favourite and frequent topics for artists and connoisseurs. These paintings were created for my own pleaseure and to please the audience as well.

I paint nice reproductions of famous works of outstanding artists as a tribute to its creators and also as a way to improve my professional skills.

For the request of my customers I gladly paint portraits. Among the pictures of my loved ones and friends you can see some of the paintings that had been ordered from me.

My - mostly older - paintings created with a regular technique depicts the beauty and harmony that creates the calmness of the connection of Man and Nature.

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