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Cork - "Sentinels of Ancient Cultures"

I have always had an interest in the art of prehistoric ages and the heritage of cultures born at the dawn of human civilization. These pictures were inspired by the artifacts of these eras, presenting relics of archaic cultures from different places around the world.

I aimed at comparing the art of cultures on distant continents emphasizing the similarities of motifs, myths and relegion.

I think I take a kind of educational role as well by representing these topics, displaying  the audience - among others - the Dreamtime period of the Australian aborigines, the rock engravings from the heart of Africa, the ruins of the still impressive old Persian capital, or the mysterious Phaistos Disc that is still not deciphered...

The original artifacts are tipically made of stone, terracotta or leather and a painting on cork - due to the cellular stucture of the material and the special techniqe of painting - can illustrate the aesthetic, visual and spatial effects of them very well.

Rock Drawing
Rainbow Serpent
Mayan Calendar
Mounted Warrior
Phaistos Disc
Warrior of Fire
Secrets of Ancient Times
Dancers of Angkor
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